Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sharpening the saw

As part of my “sharpening the saw” (Heusser) activities in 2009 I’ve decided to start learning VB as a way of familiarising myself with how code can be used, written and read. The reason for this is probably two-fold; 1. I have a subconscious worry that a large majority of the testing experts / bloggers are able to code and 2. I feel that due to now being in a managerial role I’m moving away from some of the technical aspects of the job which I used to enjoy, a lot.

Why VB? I looked at other languages, but VB and the MS IDE seems to be a great way for a complete newb such as myself to get in to computer programming. It’s interesting that the IDE provides links explicitly for new developers and the way the lessons, via an online help, are structured are already making it easy to start understanding some of the terminology and concepts.

I’ll continue to blog about this, as it’ll hopefully show my progress and may be inspire others to follow suit…

If you’re doing anything similar, I’d love to hear about it.

Finally, my “sharpening the saw” quote comes from an article in the April 2008 edition of Better Software magazine. The article is written by Matthew Heusser.

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Philk said...

Good luck - I spent far too many years as a VB programmer so if you need some help then give me a shout

Ben Hall makes some suggestions about learning a new language here

maybe not approariate to you if you are just starting to code rather than learning a new language but some ideas there for you to think over